This is where you'll be able to get to know about the compared versions of The Parent Trap, from the Mills to Lohan versions.

Movie differences from the Hayley Mills versionEdit

  • Hayley's characters names arn't Hallie/Annie, they're Sharon and Susan.
  • Camp Inch looks the same as Camp Walden.
  • Vicky Robinson was like a character version of Marideth Blake
  • The actress who played/portrayed Vicki starred in the 1998 re-make.
  • The opening sequence had its own musical note.
  • There was no credits in the closing sequence.
  • The camp scene was almost the same to Lindsay's version, same gags and pranks.
  • When Susan and Sharon were identifying each other, they shared one picture, instead of a photograph.
  • The Isolation Cabin and the camp march is the same as Lohan's.
  • The whole movie was pretty much the same as Lindsay Lohan's version, just similar scenes at some points.
  • The parents were met and married at a restaurant.
  • Nicole and Zoe (Hallie's friends at camp)
  • The grandad has the same name in the 1998 version.
  • There was no handshake part.
  • Susan and Sharon didn't do any fencing, I thought the sixties were pretty good for these camp activities.
  • The Marvas looked like the same and acted the same.

Movie differences from the 1998 versionEdit

  • Same as the original, just pinched in with Lindsay Lohan.
  • The ending has credits.
  • Joanna Barnes was in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, portrayed as Vicki.
  • Lindsay Lohan roles as Hallie Parker and Annie James.
  • Nick and Elizabeth were married on the Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Nat King Cole was used for the opening sequence.
  • Charles has the same name as Charles in the 1960's version.
  • The 1998 version has a fencing sequence.

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