Dennis Quaid is an American actor and he role-played Nick Parker in the movie of The Parent Trap, in other films you might see him is from "Inner Space" a 1980's film where he inside of a human's body (can't remember what really happens) but he's in it still.

Dennis Quaid

About him:

He played Nick Parker in The Parent Trap.




charming, funny, handsome, friendly.

Movie quote(s):

"Hal, Hallie!"

The Parent Trap (1998) Edit

As for his character Nick Parker as we see him he is married to Elizabeth firstly on a cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth II of 1986. He is later seen after when their twin siblings Hallie and Annie decide to switch places and swap each other's; he is somehow in relationship with Meredith Blake and is living with Chessy as well from the time.

As we move towards the Pool scene he is re-met with his lovely ex-girlfriend Elizabeth 'Liz' he calls her they get together from the girls' romantic plans to try and get them back together again. But to the relationship between her or Meredith is to choose for 'Nicky'.

As they go to a camping trip, Nick tells her girls that Meredith has a fear of the outdoors, in the end he loses Maredith and wins back his ex-girlfriends and they get re-married on the same cruise boat like before, only this time the photo album is 1998 (same year as the film was released). And that is that really, they're seen as the credits scroll up.